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More Sustainable Cotton Swab Alternatives to Traditional Qtips

When it comes to low-waste living, there’s always a heated discussion. Everyone agrees that the best way to lead a low-waste life is by reducing the frequency of usage of anything. Still, it’s not always possible, especially when we’re talking about personal hygiene products, like q-tips. Qtips, or cotton swabs, are usually made with plastic […]

How I Grew My Thinning Hair Back Thicker and Stronger Than Ever Before (with no drugs or medical treatments) – Fifty Shades of Snail

Self-perception is whack. Because we see ourselves in the mirror every day, we often fail to see changes taking place over time. Sometimes the brain refuses to perceive changes and keeps showing us the same image of ourselves we used to see. Other times, the brain continually rewrites our self-image, tricking us into thinking we’ve […]

Miller Harris L’Eau Magnetic EDP

Miller Harris was founded 15 years ago by expert parfumer Lyn Harris who spent five years training in Paris, then in Grasse at Robertet, the world’s leader in natural aromatic ingredients. Whilst respecting tradition, Miller Harris strives to push the boundaries, creating exquisitely crafted fragrances that are innovative yet timeless. Miller Harris perfumes are beautiful, luxurious […]