Where to Stay if You Go To Esxence

My @esxenceofficial recap continues. I stayed at the Melia Milano, which is the closest 5-star hotel to the venue. It happens to be reasonably priced for a 5-star hotel and is within walking distance from the metro and bus stop. There’s even a direct bus to and from the Malpensa airport that comes right to the square close to the hotel.

Draft March 12

The room was neat, the lobby was sparkling, the lounge was comfortable, and the food was delicious. Because it’s so close to the convention, there were a lot of brands and attendees that were also staying there. Because there were spacious places to sit and socialize, it was a good place to meet for a drink or a bite to eat.

There’s not much happening in that part of town, so I think the hotel bar and restaurant receiving a lot of traffic. Many people said that staying near the Duomo was a better place to stay so that you’re near the attractions, but I’ll say that if you’re attending Esxence, this is the most convenient place to stay. It’s easier to pop back and drop your stuff off, and then head out to wherever you want to go. There was even a day that I came back for lunch and to rest, and then ended up back at the convention again. Would I give my stay a 10/10? No… the service was European (not fast) and the food menu was small, but I’d give my experience a solid 8 out of 10, and I’d stay there again next year.

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