Little Girl’s Inexpensive Bedroom Makeover Featuring My Favorite $6 Curtains

All items used with links are at the bottom of this post.

Updating my 6 year old’s room is long overdue. We’ve been deep into a whole house renovation which actually didn’t start as such but has been slugging along for 6 months since June. My daughter’s room has been a dumping ground for all 3 girls’ things when we were painting and installing carpet knowing that she needed a room refresh eventually. We’ve gone from one (chaotic) project to another so quickly that I haven’t had time to circle back and complete, well, anything.

This week though, while we’re seeing most of the in-home things be finally completed, I’m able to step back and figure out how I can finish projects and move on.

While I have my other two girls rooms pretty much set up, this room had me stumped. I bought a black framed queen size bed for her last Christmas along with this Delissa Quilt from Anthropologie which I loved at the time before realizing two things. First, I spent too much on the bed and quilt for a child and will never do that again. Second, the boho print on the quilt made designing around it virtually impossible. I tried countless throw pillows, rugs, sheeting and blankets trying to make something out of the loud print but it just didn’t work. It was also way too serious of a style for a 6 year old’s room.

The original quilt I couldn’t get anything to match

I put the frame and quilt on our neighborhood Facebook page and sold both right away. I took that money and bought reasonably priced items that I like better and made the cutest room that we all just love.

This was her room. Just a mess that she was rarely in and had so many things piled up in it. The queen bed frame was huge and didn’t leave any room for a little desk or reading area. I learned that you can use a queen mattress on a full sized bed which was a relief. It actually fits better than the queen frame did which had some gapping at the bottom so her little stuffies kept falling through and really didn’t have a place to be. It’s tight on the corners which makes making the bed a little tricky, but it fits and she will still get the surface area of the queen to sleep on. That’s a win.

Here is the Before…

But first I needed inspiration. I found THIS comforter from Target that I loved right away and knew it would anchor the design. This was the mood board I created on Canva so I could visualize what the room would look like. This is ESSENTIAL in putting a room together for me. I’m terrible at visualizing so I have to place everything in the same area to see how it all will work before buying it. I added the dresser we already have from IKEA (discontinued), and the rug we had as well along with some accessories (full list below) that I found here and there along with the amazing $6 curtains that I have purchased for 2 rooms and absolutely love.


And the After…

We are all loving the final result so much. I love reading with her in here and the pink curtains make the room look lit up when the sun shines through them. There’s a pretty glow they give that I just love.


I feel like what turned the corner for me in terms of style was the shelving unit and shelves along side the bed. Just putting frames on walls didn’t allow for the personality of the room to shine through. Adding frames, vases, and personal items that she loves but had nowhere to display made the room feel cozy and warm.

We also added carpet to our bedrooms last spring and that was one of the best things we could’ve done since buying the house. The girls are often playing and reading on their floors where they never did before. It’s also nice for chilly mornings to put your feet down on warm carpet. I know this is one of those things that isn’t popular anymore, but it makes us happy and I’m really glad we did it.

Here is a list of everything we used:

Bedspread: Target

6 Burlap Lanterns above and at the foot of the bed: Amazon

10 Paper Lantern LED Remote Controlled Lights: Amazon
I’ll have a tutorial on how I easily installed the lights in the lanterns on Instagram soon. Super easy!

Full Size Bed Frame: Walmart

Gold Curtain Rods: Walmart

$6 Curtains: Walmart

Wall Shelves (next to each side of the bed): Wayfair

Gold and White Bookcase: Wayfair

End Table Shown in Mood Board: Wayfair
Note: I had this delivered twice and they sent the wrong color both times. I wanted Emerald, but they sent Olive. I returned both and didn’t order again. This was already in her room.

The striped throw rug was bought in 2011 so I can’t find it anymore but THIS one looks very close and has the 5×7 size we used.

Pillows and pink throw are also Target.

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