Best Use Of Rosemary Oil For Hair – Its Benefits, Working & Usage

Who does not love to have long, strong, lustrous hair? In today’s time, due to various reasons, be it health, hormones, or your stressful lifestyle, we deal with hair loss issues. We are looking for some o other solutions to fix our hair problems. One of the widely used ingredients to deal with hair concerns is rosemary.

Rosemary is one of the most common herbs in Italy. It is considered one of the healing herbs. It is widely used in Italian cuisine because of its aromatic flavor. It adds an extra womp to the food. Because of its strong, pleasing scent, it is widely used in aromatherapy also. Many beauty products are griping the benefit of this oil in today’s time. 

One of the most common uses of rosemary is in hair oils. It’s widely used in hair oils that claim to promote hair growth. Prevention of hair loss also is another benefit of this oil.

How Rosemary Works

Rosemary oil is said to help with hair loss issues. It is believed it can deal with hair breakage or unnecessary loss of hair. It helps stimulate hair growth and increase blood circulation in the scalp. Rosemary oil can be used by anyone looking to take good care of hair. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which help to deal with hair issues. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is less itchy on the scalp. 

Benefits of Rosemary Oil:

  1. Helps In Hair Growth:
    Rosemary oil is widely known to promote hair growth. Many studies also claim that rosemary oil helps get new hair and prevents loss of hair as this oil is known to provide better blood circulation, so it works upon the scalp and gets into the roots.
  2. Helps To Provide Strength In Hairs:
    Rosemary oil usage makes hair strong. This hair oil prevents hair breakage, and in the long run, it reduces hair loss and makes it appear thicker, shiny, and silky strong with regular use.
  3. Helps With Itchy Scalp:
    As this oil is known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties, it Is excellent in dealing with the itchy and irritating scalp. One of the major ingredients of rosemary is carnosic acid, which helps treat itchiness, hence a perfect solution for those struggling with an itchy scalp.
  4. Helps To Prevent Dandruff:
    Rosemerry oil also works to prevent dandruff. Dandruff also can happen due to some fungal growth so this oil can treat dandruff issues quite well due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  5. Prevent The Loss Of Hair:
    Since this oil helps to deal with hair breakage and promotes blood circulation in the scalp, loss of hair is being taken care of. It penetrates deep into the scalp and works by providing strength to the roots of the hair.
  6. Improves Hair Health:
    Regular massage of hair with rosemary oil helps improve the texture of hair. It adds a shine and volume to hair making it lustrous and stronger. It makes hair silky and prevents immature greying.

How to Use Rosemary Oil for Hairs:

Rosemary oil can be used in various ways. It has to be consistent to get the desired result. You can use rosemary oil for direct application to your scalp and hairs. Can mix with any carrier oil of your choices like almond, coconut, or mustard, and add rosemary oil. Can heat the oil a little bit to get an added benefit. Thorough and regular massage t promotes hair growth and prevents loss of hair. 

One can add little drops of rosemary oil to their conditioner and shampoo. There are also lots of products available in the market that use rosemary oil. One can try those shampoos and conditioners to get the added benefit.

Rosemary oil suits almost all hair types. But it is most suitable and shows excellent results with damaged, broken hairs. Also, with oily hairs, this oil tends to work great. One has to be consistent to get the maximum benefit out of it.

Our Takeaways:

If you are someone struggling with hair loss or hair damage breakage ad dullness, then rosemary oil can come to the rescue. Without opting for artificial treatments, one can use the natural way, which will not cause any damage to the hairs and scalp in the long run. Rosemary oil helps in dealing with hair loss and hair breakage, but it also helps with itchy scalp and improving hair texture. Regular and consistent application of rosemary oil will give a great result in achieving healthy hair.  Any hair type can use it. One can apply overnight or a few hours before the wash. Application of it daily causes no harm in the longer run. To get the best result, it is suggested to use the oil for a minimum of 6months.

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